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Dock & Waterfront

Firefly Technical Services is recognized as one of the leading expert in marine permitting and shoreline protection. Whether you are considering the installation of a residential pier installing shoreline protection, or expanding a commercial marine, we've got you covered.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions that protect the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Dock Design & Waterfront Permitting


Dock Design


During this initial meeting, we will discuss the various options for your pier, revetment, bulkhead or living shoreline, including boat dock berthing needs, dock construction materials, and an overall boat dock layout. With this conceptual plan in mind, we will move forward to evaluate your specific site.

Site Plan Evaluation and Survey

Our dock design team will walk your site and evaluate the wave exposure, bottom substrate, tidal wetlands, erosion, regulatory permit restrictions and other site conditions which may impact the feasibility of your project.


With a preliminary plan and layout in mind, we will then initiate the waterfront survey and mapping process.

The objective of our waterfront survey is to obtain an accurate and detailed map, which we will later translate into a design. Firefly Technical Services uses the latest in drone technology to conduct our surveys. Drone technology allows us to measure and record with accuracy all of the existing conditions. We will also assess the surrounding structures to determine their impact your project.


Waterfront Mapping

Using the data collected from the drone site surveys, all land and in-water survey points are downloaded right from the survey data recorder to our computers. At this point, our experienced in-house drafting and design team uses state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) software to map the details. The precision of this technology and mapping process allows for the best possible design in the final project phase.

Dock Plans
The dock design and planning stage is most important to the success of your project. Using this information, our dock design team will evaluate and then prepare the best boat dock design and boat dock plans to meet your specific needs. Whether we have developed a customized pier, bulkhead or a large-scale plan for a marina, Firefly Technical Services will provide you and the construction team exactly what you envisioned.

Waterfront Permitting


Site Inspection
Firefly Technical Services offers an initial site inspection and marine permit consultation at no charge. We will schedule an initial evaluation so that we can best determine how any tidal wetlands, erosion controls, regulatory requirements, or other coastal resources on site may impact your application. Following our initial meeting, you will be provided with all necessary guidance to understand the general permitting process and concerns at your site, and the overall direction of your proposed project.


Dock Application Drawings
The dock application drawings are one of the most important components to the success of your permit and subsequent marine project. To initiate this phase, our design team will evaluate all of the critical data gathered to this point begin formulating your application drawings. Our design team also evaluates other variables including water depth, tide range, bottom substrate, wave exposure and erosion protection.

Dock & Waterfront Permit Applications
Firefly Technical Services has extensive experience preparing and submitting applications allowing us to speak the regulatory language, anticipate concerns, and provide the necessary application information. The end result is a solid regulatory relationship, a proven track record, and quicker permit approvals.

Regulatory Permit Representation

Following the submission of the permit applications to the regulatory agencies, they typically begin their permit review process. During this process, these agencies will often have questions regarding the proposed project plans. Firefly Technical Services will represent you throughout the application process by providing responses to any agency questions. We will also represent you in any Special Exception or Variance hearings.


Dock Construction Management
In addition to the design and permitting of your project, many clients choose to have Firefly Technical Services further assist them with the construction management phase. We can recommend a marine contractor that fits your need.